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Groovy integration for Apache Maven.

Supported Environments

  • Java 1.6+
  • Groovy 2.0+
  • Groovy 2.1+
  • Apache Maven 3.0+
  • Apache Maven 3.1+


  • Script execution
  • GUI console access
  • Command-line shell access

For more details please see the groovy-maven-plugin documentation.

No Compilation Support

GMaven 2.x no longer supports any integration for compilation of Groovy sources. There were too many problems with stub-generation and hooking up compliation to the proper Maven lifecycle phases to effectivly support.

For compliation integration with Maven please see the Groovy Eclipse Compiler, which is the recommended and prefered option. If any problems are discovered with the compiler please report an issue.

As a fallback the Groovy ant tasks can also be used if for some reason the prefered option is not viable for the target environment.