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All goals which invoke the Groovy runtime, expose a set of predefined context (aka binding) variables.


Basic context variables.

Name Description
project The currently executing MavenProject or if no project, this will be a reference to the generic stub project.
basedir File reference to detected base directory for Maven execution.
properties Properties containing merged execution properties.
ant Preconfigured AntBuilder.
fail Closure to help fail execution. See FailClosureTarget for supported syntax and usage.
log SLF4J Logger.


Advanced context variables.

Name Description
container ContainerHelper to simplify looking up Maven components.
plugin groovy-maven-plugin PluginDescriptor.
pluginContext Plugin context Map to allow communication between plugin goals. See ContextEnabled for more details.
mojo The current MojoExecution.
session The current MavenSession.
settings The current Settings.